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Introduction to Autism Toolbox

The Autism Toolbox website is brought to you by the Scottish Government in partnership with the national charity, Scottish Autism with support from Autism Network Scotland.  

This online resource complements the original Autism Toolbox developed by the National Centre for Autism Studies and launched in 2009. We will continue to reference the original toolbox throughout this site. For a full list of contributors, please see our Resources section.

The Autism Toolbox is a resource to support the inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream education services in Scotland. As well as introducing and describing some of the more common challenges a pupil with autism might face, it provides real life case studies from Scottish schools and practical examples of supports that you can translate and use in your own school setting. It also signposts you to other websites you may find useful.

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Ministerial Message

“The Scottish Strategy for Autism aims to build on improvements to autism services and help more people access these. It details our goals to help ensure that all the recommendations have been addressed by the time the strategy concludes in 2021. Through it we have provided Scottish Autism with funding to enhance the Autism Toolbox. This will deliver an updated and improved online national tool to encourage good practice to all education staff in schools to support children and young people with autism.”

Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health

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