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Sensory Integration Network Further information about Sensory issues and strategies to support. 

NAS The sensory world of autism

NAS WEBINAR : Sensory considerations

National Autism Standards on Autism Education Trust website provides several tools to support staff considering sensory issues in the environment, including


Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour: A practical approach at home for parents and carers. Falkirk Council Children with Disabilities Team, Occupational Therapy. Although target audience is parents/carers it provides excellent information for school staff.
Content includesUnderstanding Sensory Issues; Reading the Signs; Advice/Strategies for Parents and Carers;
Specific Strategies:
Calming Strategies 
Alerting Strategies 
Sensory Strategies for Personal Care 
Calmer Eating Strategies
General calming strategies
When sensory behaviour is challenging
Other titles in this series  (found at the bottom of the page in this link)  include - Asperger's Syndrome - Teenagers; Asperger's Syndrome; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Life Skills for Little Ones.. A new resource has been added in 2016 - Life Skills - Teenagers.. Though not specific to young people with autism the hints and tips are relevant for anyone working with young people in this age group.
Fizzy and Clever Hands Programme leafletsAdvice leaflets for parents, carers and education staff ​ produced by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists in Kent Community NHS Trust Includes leaflets on:
►The Fizzy Training Programme: Guide to using programme
►Fizzy's Ideas: Home coping strategies
►Fizzy's Ideas Classroom coping strategies
►Fizzy's Training Games: Clever hands
►Fizzy's Training Games: Body awareness and co-ordination
►Fizzy's Training Games: Balance
►Fizzy's Training Games: Ball skills

Brenda Myles Smith, Katherine Tapscott Cook, Nancy E. Miller, Louann Rinner, Lisa A. Robbins (2001) Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues: Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World Autism Asperger Publishing Co  US.  This book covers the impact of the sensory system on behaviour, reviews formal and informal assessment tools and offers an invaluable set of practical interventions

Bogdashina, O. (2003) Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley. In this book, Olga Bogdashina attempts to define the role of sensory perceptual problems in autism identified by autistic individuals themselves. 

Ayres, J (rev 2005) Sensory integration and the Child. Western Psychological Services

Kranowitz, C (rev 2005) The out of sync child This book was conceived to explain sensory processing and its counterpart, Sensory Processing Disorder, to parents, teachers, and other non-OTs who are new at this.

Arlene McCurtin, 2007: The Fun with Food Programme  Speechmark

Mealtimes, Eating and Diet: Leicester Autism Outreach Service

Veenendall, J, 2010: .Arnie and His School Tools: Simple Sensory Solutions That Build Success

Sue Larkey, 2006: Practical Sensory Programmes For Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Special Needs


These Shared Resources are included as examples of what has been developed in particular settings to provide information for staff, including supply and non teaching staff.. They may have to be adapted to meet needs in other contexts.
We hope they give you ideas and inspiration to develop ones to suit your own school or pupil.

Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues

This checklist was adapted from  Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues  to encourage staff in a secondary school to question the sensory issues which may help interpret behaviours of some young people with Asperger Syndrome. By identifying the possible reason/s behind behaviours it is possible to provide personalised interventions to provide support. It could be used to review support for an individual pupil, or as a staff development task to identify a bank of interventions to be used consistently across the school.



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