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HandsOnScotland; Click -  How to help children flourish for information, ideas and activities to help promote positive mental health (flourishing) in all children and young people. It also aims to help prevent the difficulties described in the Troubling Behaviours section and to help improve your own mental health and create a flourishing community.

Support for pupils from ENQUIRE   Enquire’s website for young people has had a huge makeover thanks to the help of 75 young people and now has a new brand name - Reach. Our core message is that no-one is out of reach, and that the right support can make all the different to pupils who are struggling at school.  The site includes lots of advice from young people themselves. You can visit the site at:    ENQUIRE had input from a number of young people with Autism during the development of the site and there is autism specific information featured (and plans to include more in the future).

My World Triangle

Using the My World Triangle allows practitioners to consider systematically:  how the child or young person is growing and developing what the child or young person needs from the people who look after him or her the impact of the child or young person’s wider world of family, friends and community 

Guidance on Getting it Right for Every Child

 Getting it right for every child toolkit is designed to support professionals in Lanarkshire with a responsibility for implementing any aspect of the programme. The toolkit may also be of interest to other areas in Scotland.

My world triangle resilience matrix -   The Resilience Matrix can be used to analyse information from the My World Triangle and other sources

Resilience has often been a difficult concept for practitioners to incorporate into their assessments.  People using the resilience matrix need to be confident they are clear about the basic principles of resilience and how it fits in the National Practice Model.

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