Autism Toolbox a resource for Scottish Schools

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The SPELL framework has been developed by The National Autistic Society's schools and services to understand and respond to the needs of children and adults with autism. It recognises the unique needs of each child and emphasises that all planning and intervention should be organised on this basis. SPELL stands for Structure, Positive, Empathy, Low arousal, Links.

  • Structure makes the world a more predictable, accessible and safer place and can aid personal autonomy and independence.
  • Positive approaches and expectations seek to establish and reinforce self-confidence and self-esteem by building on natural strengths, interest and abilities.
  • Empathy is essential to underpin any approach designed to develop communication and reduce anxiety.
  • The approaches and environment need to be Low arousal: calm and ordered in such a way as to reduce anxiety and aid concentration.
  • Strong Links between the various components of the person's life or therapeutic programme will promote and sustain essential consistency.

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