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Leicester City Council & Leicestershire County Council: Asperger syndrome - practical strategies for the classroom - A teacher's guide

The National Autistic Society

(Though published in 1998, still provides relevant case studies and practical strategies for slassroom teachers to help make sense of the difficulties young people with autism may experience and display).

This practical book is divided into six areas where difficulties may arise for a young person with Asperger syndrome: social relationships, communication, imagination, sensory and motor difficulties, emotional difficulties and work skills. The book describes the type of behaviours a pupil may present and directs the teacher to the relevant section for guidance. It is aimed primarily at teachers but parents will also find it a great support as it focuses chiefly on the social difficulties that many young people with Asperger syndrome experience. The same team have also written Autism: how to help your young child, also published by The National Autistic Society.

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