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Creating a focused work area within a mainstream class

A school with 2 pupils on the spectrum in a P5 class developed the idea of an individualised work station by creating an “office” area within the class. This space was available to all pupils who recognised that they needed a quieter space in which to work. The office was deliberately designed to give the feeling of a “grown up” space using real life office equipment. Pupils were also given the option to wear headphones and listen to music if they wished. Very quickly this resource became a normal, accepted part of the classrooom.

Environmental Audit

              COMPONENT                            TASK  
Are there three clearly 
delineated areas in classrooms for specific activities (ICT, group 
work, independent work) 

Is there a ‘Quiet Area’ for 
pupils who require time alone 
during times of stress?


Is all clutter stored out of sight 
in designated storage areas?


Do learning areas have clearly 
designated and well organised 
display areas?


Is there a calm and peaceful 
environment throughout the 
ASD resource?


Do external windows provide 
adequate lighting but sufficient 







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