Autism Toolbox a resource for Scottish Schools

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These Shared Resources are included as examples of what has been developed in particular settings to provide information for staff, including supply and non teaching staff.. They may have to be adapted to meet needs in other contexts.
We hope they give you ideas and inspiration to develop ones to suit your own school or pupil.

Thanks to C Titley, psychologist and ASIST outreach team in Fife for providing the following resources:

'Having my say': A powerpoint presentation to help staff consider

•Why is pupil voice important?
•Who should consider pupil voice?
•What may be difficult for children with ASD?
•When do you fit this in?
•How can we promote pupil voice?
'Pupil Feedback'  considers current policy, legislative and research literaturewhich argues that obtaining the views of young people is essential.

‘Your Views about School’ is a computer-assisted interview for gathering pupil views in advance of their school (e.g. ISP) review meeting. It is intended to support young person to think about and share what is going well and identify challenges and next steps in school. It should be done 1:1 between a young person and a key adult within school. The adult should have read the Guide Sheet before the interview. 

Your Views about School’ Guide Sheet

‘Your Views about School’ Powerpoint interview

'My Plan' has been developed to help pupils identify their ambitions and dreams, and what they need to help them achieve these

Person Centred Planning(PCP) Approaches - Guide Sheet

Blank PCP MAPs sheet

Blank Mind Map

Simple PATH template