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Promoting  inclusion, preventing bullying NAS Webinar

Autism Help - (Au): This site aims to increase awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder through providing practical strategies, information  and resources It has subsections specifically for Early Years, Primary and Teen Years This section considers common questions about bullying and suggests strategies.


A National Approach to Anti Bullying - Scottish Government

Anti Bullying policy and  implementation  - Scottish Government

NAS: Bullying and autism: guidance for school staff.  Information to help school staff deal with instances of bullying involving pupils with autism. 

NAS: Bullying: A guide for parents. A child with autism can be at more risk of being bullied than their peers. However, they may not be able to communicate this to you. In this section, we explain the term bullying, the signs to look out for if your child is being bullied,

Leicester County Council Autism Outreach Service The Autism Spectrum: Bullying and Strategies for Social Integration (pdf)


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