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Scottish Autism's brand new online support programme for autistic women and girls is now live!  The Women and Girls Right Click Programme, funded by the Scottish Government, has been designed to provide valuable information in addressing health and wellbeing challenges for females who live with the condition as well as their parents, carers and other professionals working in the field of autism.

nasen  - Girls and Autism: Flying Under the Radar  This guide aims to: - introduce the debate around autism and gender - identify key issues for girls with autism spectrum conditions - provide practical school-based support strategies - share family, professional and academic perspectives.

Scottish Women with Autism Network (SWAN) - Autism Network Scotland  The Scottish Women with Autism Network  was established in August 2012 in partnership with Autism Network Scotland. The name of this network was derived from the analogy of the swan, which appears to glide smoothly across the surface whilst paddling furiously below the water line just to keep afloat.

Autism Network Scotland and Scottish Women's Autism Network held a conference for girls and women on the autism spectrum to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences with practitioners. A summary of the day can be found on Autism Network Scotland website

NAS Webinar - Education of girls on the spectrum  

Is autism different for girls?  Web Article - SEN Magazine

Gender and autism   National Autistic Society..




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TES Video Asperger syndrome: Robyn’s story by NHS Choices  Robyn Steward was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, when she was a teenager. She describes how it affects her physically and socially and how she learned to cope with it.


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Temple Grandin, a view from the inside. Everything about autism you always wanted to know.  (2010). Directed by Rupert Isaacson. Horse Boy Productions. In this DVD Rupert Isaacson (who made the film Horse Boy about his son’s autism) interviews Temple Grandin about a variety of issues related to autism.

Temple Grandin. (2010). Directed by Mick Jackson. Home Box Office.  Claire Danes captures Temple Grandin beautifully in this inspiring and moving portrayal of Temple’s life.

Mozart and the whale. (2004). Directed by Petter Naess. Boulevard Entertainment. If you can overcome some of the ‘Hollywood’ artistic license, this film shows the struggles and the joys of a young couple, both of whom have Asperger’s Syndrome, as they try to build a life together. Radha Mitchell gives a good performance as the quirky, ‘out there’ Isabelle whose life has been characterised by misunderstandings, exploitation and abuse. Loosely based on a true story.

Snow Cake. (2006). Directed by Marc Evans. BBC DVD.  Funny and touching film about people in a small, frozen backwater community in Ontario. Sigourney Weaver plays a woman with autism dealing with life in general and the loss of her teenage daughter in particular.


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