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NAS - School's Autism Awaresness Weeka free guide and free teaching resources from Early years to S6, like assembly and lesson plans, to support you to help your students understand their autistic classmates better.

What is autism? - An animated and interactive resource from Scottish Autism which could be used to give pupils an insight into the daily challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum

NAS: Education: worksheet for primary school childrenThis worksheet for primary school children uses a character called Ziggy to help introduce them to a new classmate with autism. 

Supporting the development of friendship skills :  Advanced Training Material: E-learning materials commissioned in response to a Government recommendation, following the Lamb Inquiry (2009). They are designed to support teachers in mainstream schools who wish to gain advanced and specialist skills. This unit looks at the importance of pupils with autism developing friendship skills and the role peer support can play. 

Peer Awareness Lesson: pack available to purchase from Autism Education Trust 


Books teachers can use to explain autism to nursery/primary pupils:

Social and Communication Difficulties: A Booklet for Peers; Leicester Autism Outreach Service. Provides information around questions peers might have.

The Big A  - Me, Myself & Autism: TES Resources (Username and password required)

My Autism and Me - CBBC Newsround  

Educating Children about Autism in an Inclusive Classroom pdf  The activities in this module can be used to inform both teachers and peers about autism. This module also provides suggestions for including parents in their child’s schooling.

Podcast from research on Peer awarenessGeneral Teaching Council  Scotland - Teacher Research

Asperger - Information for Classmates National Autistic Society

A two-lesson introduction to autism and Asperger syndrome. (NAS) They include two case study sheets and some games for introducing autism to a class.

Kluth, P. (2010) “You’re going to love this kid!”: Teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom. 2nd ed. Baltimore, Maryland: Paul H. Brookes (Chapter 6).

These Shared Resources are included as examples of what has been developed in particular settings to provide information for staff, including supply and non teaching staff.. They may have to be adapted to meet needs in other contexts.
We hope they give you ideas and inspiration to develop ones to suit your own school or pupil.

Hillpark Autism Unit  Buddy Network


Peer awareness lesson plans were developed by South Lanarkshire teacher for a P5 class. It linking Carol Gray's book of lesson plans, The sixth sense, to CfE and relevant resources. The Sixth Sense aims to develop pupil understanding and support of classmates,(7 - 12 years) with autistic spectrum disorders. Peer awareness lesson plans  Additional resources to go with lesson plans are:

  About me file and  Lesson 5 Resource sheet


Awareness Film  by Triple A - a group for young people 12+ in Aberdeen area 

Positive Awareness Raising; Staff from the base for pupils with autism in Vale of Leven Academy developed a package to raise awareness of differences and in particular ASD amongst the pupils of the school. This has been delivered to year groups on transition from primary, at the end of year 2, and to encourage buddies in year 6

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