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 Interactive My world triangle -   When working with children or young people, the My World Triangle is used at every stage to think about the whole world of the child or young person.

It is particularly helpful to use the My World Triangle to gather more information from other sources (some of it possibly specialist), to identify the strengths and pressures in the child or young person’s world. This may include information about health or learning, offending behaviour or information about issues affecting parenting.

My world triangle resilience matrix -   The Resilience Matrix can be used to analyse information from the My World Triangle and other sources

Resilience has often been a difficult concept for practitioners to incorporate into their assessments.  People using the resilience matrix need to be confident they are clear about the basic principles of resilience and how it fits in the National Practice Model.

Autism Education Trust: Person Centred Planning Toolkits   Person Centred Planning (PCP) refers to the process of life planning for an individual.
The individual is consulted and their views and aspirations inform decision- making. The principles of inclusion are incorporated to ensure the person is not isolated from society. Instead of being a medical model where the individual may passively receive services and where their impairments may be viewed as a problem leading to exclusion from the community, PCP is more of a social model where the individual is encouraged to be proactive in ensuring equality and inclusion into the community. 

We can Dream -   A booklet for young people with autism, their families, friends and supporters, giving ideas about what to do when you leave full-time education. 


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