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A Practical Approach at Home for Parents and Carers - Life Skills (Teenagers)   The latest booklet published by Falkirk Council's Children with Disablities Team and Occupational Therapy. Although aimed at parents the information is very relevant to anyone supporting a young person with autism in this age group.

This is the second booklet which has been designed to help teenagers and families develop essential life skills. In the first booklet (Life Skills for Little Ones), the focus was on young children moving towards independence. This one focuses on another key theme - preparing for adult life. This booklet is simply a range of hints, tips and ideas, designed to be slotted in to busy family life, this booklet aims to encourage teenagers to think about the experiences and skills they may need to help them prepare for adulthood, and to help parents to think creatively about supporting their teenager. Its aim is to encourage the development of the necessary skills without it seeming to be a programme to be followed, or set of exercises or school homework.

All booklets in this series, including those specific to supporting young people with autism can be found at the bottom of the page accessed at 

Curriculum -  Life Skills - Advanced Training Material: E-learning materials commissioned in response to a Government recommendation, following the Lamb Inquiry (2009). They are designed to support teachers in mainstream schools who wish to gain advanced and specialist skills. This unit looks at the importance of including the teaching of life skills in the curriculum for pupils with autism. This can help ensure the best outcomes for these pupils in later life 

Finished at School Guide An interactive digital version of a guide produced by Ambitious about Autism to help school and college staff better support young people with autism. It includes a self audit tool created to support professionals in evaluating current practice, identifying areas for further development and planning actions to improve preparation for adulthood.

The Finished at School programme was a Department for Education funded two-year initiative which worked with schools and colleges from across the country. The aim of the programme was to improve the transition to college for young people with autism.

Short Film about  Triple A for young people 12+ in Aberdeen area

Young Scotland's got talent

Interactive My World Triangle - When working with children or young people, the My World Triangle is used at every stage to think about the whole world of the child or young person.   It is particularly helpful to use the My World Triangle to gather more information from other sources (some of it possibly specialist), to identify the strengths and pressures in the child or young person’s world. This may include information about health or learning, offending behaviour or information about issues affecting parenting.


NAS : Exam tactics for students with Asperger Syndrome

NASTop transition tips for Colleges

NAS: Exams: guidelines for teachers and parents of young people with an autism spectrum disorder (pdf)   Exams are a time of high anxiety for all pupils, but especially those with autism. This short guide from National Autistic Society about exams is aimed at parents and teachers of secondary school-aged pupils.The guide has advice on planning revision and study leave; making special arrangements for pupils with an ASD; and some practical ways to prepare for exams.

NAS: Meeting the needs of students in Further and Higher Education

Not available currently - We can dream  This free booklet from The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities is for young people and their families, friends and supporters to read and talk about together. It is based on the stories of four young people. We hope it gives you good ideas about what to do when you leave full-time education.

Not available currently My Kind of Future (pdf) A workbook from The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities to help young people with learning disabilities prepare for the future.

My Hospital Passport (for adults).Free downloadable document for succinctly documenting a person’s autism needs if they have to go into hospital, from National Autistic Society

Educational provision and outcomes for people on the autistic spectrum  (report) A group of researchers and practitioners were commissioned by the AET to determine the educational provision and outcomes for people on the autism spectrum. This project looked at current educational targets and assessments used for children on the autism spectrum within schools in England and how they relate to children’s outcomes both in the short term but also in the longer term, in adult life.

Scottish GovernmentPartnership Matters
A Guide to Local Authorities, NHS Boards and Voluntary Organisations on Supporting Students with Additional Needs in Further Education

Principles of Good Transitions 2; Scottish Transitions Forum 2014. Provides a framework of 7 principles to getting transitions right.for young people with additional support needs, with a focus on transition into young adulthood.

Asperger Syndrome – a guide for further education staff (418.97 kB) (published by Edinburgh College (Stevenson)).

Education Scotland

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