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BBC Science: The Human Body provides factual and interactive information about the human body, functions, changes and links to issues eg sleep

Autism Help (Au): This site aims to increase awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder through providing practical strategies, information  and resources It has subsections specifically for Early Years, Primary and Teen Years, This section looks at Puberty, Sexuality, Menstruation and Hygiene in teen years. 


RSHP ASN version;  NHS Forth Valley. Supporting early - second level Curriculum for Exellence Health and Wellbeing for RSHP. Although the experiences and outcomes are first and second level (primary school), some learning may be useful for young people of secondary school age who may need to revisit areas of learning.

Preparing for (and Surviving) Puberty  NHS Forth Valley  This booklet is for parents, carers or anyone involved in supporting a child or young person with additional support needs through growing up and puberty. The topics included are based on common questions and concerns raised by local parents/carers and the information has come from a range of sources - local and international research, creditable websites, good practice by parents, teachers and professionals in Forth Valley.

SHARE - Sexual Health and Relationships Education

Puberty & Sexuality for Children and Young People with a Learning Disability (NHS Sheffield)This award winning teaching pack has been developed to be taught to learning disabled children and young people between the ages of 9-18 years old. It is acknowledged however that depending on the age and the cognitive ability this may vary. It has been designed to include the needs of children and young people with severe learning disability to deliver extensive knowledge appropriate to this group but equally comparable to their mainstream peers. The pack is based on information from a variety of sources and supporting evidence. It uses an array of visual and tactile resources to enable children to maximise their learning including dance and movement, anatomically correct dolls, role play and experiential learning.

Education ScotlandSexual Health, Relationships and Parenthood for young people on the autistic spectrum

Life Support Productions provide lesson plans and DVDs which can be previewed online at  Resources include titles to support pupils with learning disabilities, primary and Secondary and are often recommended for children and young people with autism. The DVDs also feature carefully paced easy read subtitles to support additional communication needs.

 Sexual Health and Relationships workbooks  NHS Forth Valley for young people with Learning Disabilities. There are 3 sections - All about me, Decision making, Family and Friendships

Managing Sexualized Behaviour  - Guidelines : These guidelines have been produced as a response to the sexual health needs of young 
people in Forth Valley. Staff cannot offer advice without support and guidance through organisational policy and procedures. This document aims to provide guidance on Managing Sexualised Behaviour for all staff in schools in Forth Valley. It has been written in wider consultation with, and with input from Falkirk, Clackmannanshire and Stirling Education and NHS Forth Valley.

Local NHS Health Improvement Resource Service /Health Promotion Department  provide free leaflets on variety of topics

Making Sense of Sex, Sarah Attwood. jessica Kingsley(2008)  A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome

Taking care of myselfA Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism,  Mary Wrobel                                                                                   This book was specifically designed to address the health and safety needs of students aged five and up with autism spectrum disorders. Through a unique combination of social stories and easy-to-understand activities, Taking Care of Myself will reduce the fear and confusion surrounding issues of health, hygiene, puberty and more. 


Education Scotland

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