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The Skills Network: NCFE Level 2 Understanding Autism

Inclusion Development Programme (2009):  A suite of materials aimed to support teachers, teaching assistants & trainee teachers to increase their knowledge and skills in working with children & young people with a range of special educational needs (SEN). Two online resources available - one for Primary and Secondary and associated pdfthe  other for Early Years and associated pdf 

Education Scotland: An introduction to inclusion - professional development pack

Education Scotland training package for support staff: Building better relationships, better learning, better behaviour

Autism Education Trust Professional Competency Framework - A competency framework for people working with children and young people 5 - 16years on the autism spectrum,  Early Years for those working with under 5s,  - Schools and Post 16 for those working with young people.

Autism Education Trust National Autism Standards -  A set of standards from the AET, to enable educational settings to evaluate their practice in addressing the needs of pupils on the autism spectrum.For Schools,   for  Early Years  for Post 16

Advanced Training Materials (2012)E-learning materials commissioned in response to a Government recommendation, following the Lamb Inquiry (2009). They are designed to support teachers in mainstream schools who wish to gain advanced and specialist skills for teaching pupils with Special Educational Needs. One of the five modules focuses on autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


 Video resources to support understanding of autism

The NHS Education for ScotlandAutism Training Framework -  Optimising OutcomesA framework for all staff working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their families and carers.The framework is not prescriptive, but its clarity and breadth of scope should facilitate individual employees, service providers and organisations to understand the knowledge and skills required and how this applies to their practice. 

It's the little things: This resource has been developed by ENABLE Scotland to provide some practical suggestions for teachers, learning assistants and childcare workers to effectively support the learning and meet the needs of children and young people with additional support needs who may display challenging behaviour.

Informative booklets  to download have been developed by Falkirk Council Children with Disabilities Team, Occupational Therapy. Although target audience is parents/carers they provide excellent information for school staff. Titles include - Aspergers Syndrome - Teenagers; Aspergers Syndrome; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Life Skills; Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour


These Shared Resources are included as examples of what has been developed in particular settings to provide information for staff, including supply and non teaching staff.. They may have to be adapted to meet needs in other contexts.
We hope they give you ideas and inspiration to develop ones to suit your own school or pupil.

ASDIN Toolkit -  booklet for staff identifying key elements of support for pupils with autism, Dumfries and Galloway

Education Scotland

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