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Symbols in Early Years: PowerPoint presentation from Sandra Miller, Fife.

Fife Bronze Award  (or watch video)  includes

  • Labelling the Environment
  • Classroom labels and organisation
  • Visual timetables

Silver Award video

Visual strategies for personalised learning  Mayer Johnson guide in TES teaching resources -  provides suggested strategies and tools, whilst the worksheet will support you to develop your own ideas using the examples given in the guide.

A collection of exemplar resources from Scottish Further Education Unit which can be used to deliver National 1 units (Phase 1) relating to Food, Independent Living Skills and Personal Development. The resources are in two formats: • Boardmaker Plus! interactive boards • Boardmaker Plus! print resources which can be produced as visual prompts for use in a range of learning and teaching approaches.

Linda Hogdon website - UseVisual Strategies provides support and information, especially useful is link to her e-newsletter for ideas nad resources.

Red and Green Choices by Green Irene  "Providing Clear, Concrete Visual Supports with Behavioral Development Strategies to Promote Independent Reasoning Skills"

TIMERS: Timers provide support for pupils to understand the passage of time, how long they are expected to work, how long till end of lessson, playtime etc. For many pupils a sand timer can be least distracting, and most visual way to see and understand the passage of time. Timers come in many sizes and for varying lengths of time. Many educational suppliers provide packs.               


Using a timer and/or counting down can help transitions by 'warning' of impending change. Pupils are given a chance to prepare to move on.

TIP - Put a label on one end of the sand timer as is shown in the picture so you know if it has been turned back over when your back was

Time Timers  

Purchased by many schools to help students  see and understand the passage of time and support transitions.


SymbolWorld is a website created by Widgit Software specifically for symbol users. It has material for all ages and includes news, personal contributions, stories and learning materials. 

do2learn has free downloads for social skills,, behavioral regulation activities and guidance,  songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills



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