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A Curriculum for excellence has encouraged many things including creativity in teachers. ICT is a great tool for this and is only limited by the teachers skill level and imagination! These are some of the really good tools that are currently in use in Scottish schools. Some are computer programs and other are ipad framework programs. 

2 Paint a Picture – Great easy to use art program, work well on smartboard or touch screen produces really professional pictures.

2 DIY – a tool for creating  personalised multimedia stories. It incorporates text, drawings, imported images, sound and object animation .Bringing characters to life with the use of lip sync.

2 DIY – Create your own interactive Flash resources, activities, games, puzzles, quizzes. Also now available as an ipad app, has a couple of sample activies then you download the rest if you want. 

All above available from  Home page - 2simple - Creative Educational software

See also Investigating Pattern using 2Paint a Picture - YouTube 


ChooseIt maker 3 - From Inclusive technology online subscription service to make your own activities, easy to use. 

Slideshow Maker – again from Inclusive Technology, this is how you can make short personalised slideshows with music, very motivating and a great reward! 

imovie App for the iPad – use the camera on the ipad to create your own movies. 

Book Creator – brilliant and simple app for the ipad, to create your own books. You can add your photos from the ipad or take the photos, then add your text and then your sentence. Books are saved in ibooks. 

Comic Life – Great for creating photo stories with caption about an event, now available as an ipad app. 

Puppet Pals – another app to create your own stories and puppets from pictures.

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