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Ipad - Schedule apps

A great use for the ipad is as a visual schedule. This supports a person with autism is everyday tasks explaining visually and orally what they have to do. Schedules can be made using pictures or symbols. Below are just two of the apps that are available.

Choice works - visual schedule support app from , The app has three parts, schedule board, waiting with a timer and a feelings board. These three parts work well together to create visual systems to support. The feelings part of the app has a emotion and then strategies to help. Boards can also be imported and exported via Itunes and you can print boards.

First then from  Good Karma - Another visual schedule app, straightforward to program and use, comes with some photos build it, and you can add your own or import. App comes with a link to google images making it easy to find pictures. Has three display modes, full screen, two pictures on the screen and list mode.


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