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ipads are the latest must have within education and especially additional support needs. Ipads are interesting, motivating, fun - everything technology should be But, and it is really big but, you have to carefully consider how and why you are using them!

ipads make a great reward after completing a task, but used skillfully they can have a positive impact on communication, learning and teaching. This is where teachers need to use their skills. Activities need to be carefully planned and linked to experiences and outcomes. The next few guides will give you some ideas of how ipads have been successfully used with pupils with autism.

The following are some general points to consider when setting up your ipads within an education setting.

  • Think about how you are going to set up your ipad, this is really important if you are buying more than one. Each ipad/ ipod needs its own email address to set up a unique apple ID.
  • How you are going to pay for the apps within an educational setting. Itunes cards can be linked to apple ID’s. Also you may want to enquire about a purchase card from your authority.
  • Consider if your school has wi-fi and whether you can add ipads to it. Some apps need wi-fi. Also think that you may want to be able to access the internet through the ipad browser.

Essential information

iPads for Communication Access Literacy and Learning  from CALL Scotland  This Guide aims to support readers who are not necessarily technical specialists and who want to use the iPad with children or adults with additional support needs, special educational needs or disability. Easy to read and full of great relevant information and advice about setting up and using ipads within an addition support needs setting.

The digital learning team from City of Edinburgh council has great videos on getting to know your ipad and apps for learning.

A free online training course on using iPads in education for learners with additional support needs, Richard Hirstwood

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