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Supportive Writing

For many people with autism just putting a pencil on a piece of paper is incredibly difficult. They feel they can’t make mistakes and this leads to paper being ripped up and can led to challenging behavior.  Supportive writing is one area where ICT can really help a young person with autism. Supportive writing is a big area - listed below are some of the best programs available. Some are free!



Use of recorded speech  into Microsoft (MS) PowerPoint 

Use of narration in MS PowerPoin

Clicker 6 can be used to create personalized grids and download free grids  

Write on line – use of word banks to support writing

Predictive text can also take away some of the stress of spelling unknown words some programs have ability to read back text, All the following have cost implications:

 Read and write gold
 Co-writer for PCs  - see also youyube video of  Co-writer App for iPads

Training, advice and support is available from


Scribble Press:  a multimedia creativity platform for creating, sharing and publishing stories. Free APP to create a book using our stickers or your own photos.


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