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Anyone who works within ASN is familiar with the Boardmaker / PCS / Mayer Johnson symbol set. They are used within Boardmaker and many people use the metafiles within Clicker. For many years they have been the main symbol set used in Scotland. A few people may have used Writing with Symbol or Communicate in Print that came with Widgit Symbols. 

Boardmaker has had an upgrade in the last couple of years to Boardmaker Studio, it creates super interactive resources including games, counting, matching clock faces all using templates and wizards. It is a great program if you have already invested in Boardmaker and have staff familiar with it. It is expensive and you have to buy the additional addendum symbols to make full use of the program in the UK.. It is a considerable investment but worthwhile. Boardmaker Share  (now Boardmaker achieve) is a great place to download grids and find new ideas. 

Over the last few years a new symbol set has been developed and due to its increasing use within communication apps on the ipad is worth considering. It is called SymbolStix. It is the symbol set used in the communication app Proloquo2Go. It is also used in the computer program ‘Matrix Maker Plus’ from Inclusive Technology. 

If you are just looking to print out symbols by make worksheets, games, schedules, overlays for communication aids then you may want to consider ‘Matrix Maker Plus’ from Inclusive Technology. If you have used any of Inclusive Technology’s other products Choose It Maker or Switch It Maker you will find the interface similar. A free two week trial is available from 

A much underrated symbol creation program is Communicate in Print from Widgit Software. The curriculum resources that are available to buy either as CIP files or PDF’s make the purchase of this alone worthwhile. The Zed reading books, Shakespeare books, Romans and Egyptians’ file are really good. You just have to consider the use of a different symbol set!

SymbolWorld is a website created by Widgit Software specifically for symbol users. It has material for all ages and includes news, personal contributions, stories and learning materials.  SymbolWorld is designed to be easy to navigate, with the option to personalise the layout and colours to suit any reader’s needs. 

For Information on other free symbols click on Topic Resources, ICT

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