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Advice and resources for classroom teachers from NAS, including My World - a fortnightly email containing tips andi nformation to support young people with autism

NAS: Exams: guidelines for teachers and parents (pdf)   Exams are a time of high anxiety for all pupils, but especially those with autism. This short guide from National Autistic Society about exams is aimed at parents and teachers of secondary school-aged pupils.The guide has advice on planning revision and study leave; making special arrangements for pupils with an ASD; and some practical ways to prepare for exams.

NAS: In Education provides information for parents which may also be useful for school staff, particularly in relation to Homework and school refusal

Autism Help (Au): This site aims to increase awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder through providing practical strategies, information  and resources It has subsections specifically for Early Years, Primary and Teen Years The files from each section are available for download and printing in PDF format. In this section you can find information about the effect of autism on learning in the teen years, 


Autism in the secondary classroom (revised 2014); Joy Beaney and Penny Kershaw

Leicester Council Autism Outreach Servicehave developed a number of resources, links, ideas for parents/carers/educationalists/individuals with autism/siblings and anyone interested in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Those relevant to Secondary include:

 Differentiation for pupils on the autism spectrum 


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