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It is important to recognize the validity of teaching social skills to young people with autism as difficulties in this area can be the greatest barriers to pupils accessing learning opportunities  Assessing their social as well as academic skills is essential at all stages i.e. from nursery through to secondary and indeed further and higher education.

It is important to develop skills from the current level of the child, rather than the level at which we would like them to be, or the level of their peers.

National Autistic Society (NAS)  acknowledges that many children with an autism can be genuinely bewildered and overwhelmed in social situations. Their information sheets highlight the following areas:

  • conversational skills

  • play skills

  • understanding emotions

  • dealing with conflict

  • friendship skills

and provide practical ideas about ways to develop skills in this area so children and young people can explore the social world with more confidence.

NAS: Social skills in young children                                  

NAS: Social skills for adolescents and adults


 Learning Grid- Toolbox 2009


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