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Autism and Social Media: link to a student's research project supported by Scottish Autism, with report 


The internet is a part of many people’s lives and can be a positive experience, but sometimes individuals can experience difficulties with online sites that they may visit or indeed, they may receive contacts from persons that are of concern. If anyone is worried or uncomfortable about someone they are speaking with online, or discovers content involving young people that is inappropriate, it is important to be aware that you should never be afraid to speak to someone about the situation as soon as possible. If you experience concerns or problems when online or you need advice there are a range of organisations that are there to help you:

Never be afraid to report your concerns, people will listen and help you.


Think You Know      


Internet Watch Foundation     


Get Safe Online      


National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children    


See also INTERNET SAFETY within ICT section of Supporting Pupils Theme


Sexual Health and Relationships

Joanne Barrie, NHS Forth Valley, discusses the influence Social media can have on information pupils access about Sexual Heath.



(One of 5 short videos on teaching Sexual Health and Relationships)

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