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Education Scotland provides this vision for the Curriculum for Excellence Senior Phase

In the Senior Phase (approx 15-18) all young people can expect entitlements to be delivered, whatever their individual interests and needs, wherever their learning is taking place.

They are entitled to:

  • a curriculum which is coherent;
  • the opportunity to obtain qualifications as well as to continue to develop the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities;
  • opportunities to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work with a continuous focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing;
  • personal support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities that Curriculum for Excellence can provide
  • support in moving to a positive and sustained destination beyond school.

The curriculum in the Senior Phase should comprise more than programmes which lead to qualifications. There is a continuing emphasis, for example, on health and wellbeing appropriate to this phase, including physical activity and opportunities for personal achievement, service to others and practical experience of the world of work.

Schools across Scotland have been working with their authorities, colleges and other partners to develop a range of models for the Senior Phase to support young people in their transition and learning. Many young people with autism will be fully involved in their own school’s arrangements especially where planning includes;

  • a flexible system that offers personalisation and choice, providing clear and supported pathways
  • different pathways for progression to meet the varying needs of the range of learners. These might include college, joint college and school, school and work placements, participation in projects within the community
  • a range of ways young people can develop a portfolio of qualifications and other achievements as well as  those from SQA and SCQF

The assessment of young people's learning in the Senior Phase may include the recognition of their achievements through, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Scheme, College Certification and awards ceremonies. Amazing Things – Guide to the Youth Awards in Scotland provides information on a wide range of youth awards including ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network), John Muir Awards and Millennium Volunteer Award.

The Toolbox is currently developing the Senior Phase area of the website to include examples and case studies of practice with Young People with autism in aspects of

Education Scotland provides examples of what Senior Phase curriculum might look like here 

Examples of potential achievement pathways can be found here



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