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Co-ordinated Support Plans (CSPs)

A Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP) is a statutory educational planning document. A CSP is compiled for those pupils whose enduring additional support needs arise from one or more complex and/or multiple factors which are likely to continue for more than one year and who require significant support to be provided by an education authority and one or more appropriate agency, namely any other local authority, any health board, Skills Development Scotland, Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Institutions. The CSP focuses on supporting the child to achieve learning outcomes and assisting the co-ordination of services from the appropriate agencies. However, it is expected that there will only ever be a small number of children and young people with additional support needs that require such a high degree of co-ordination of support from education authorities and appropriate agencies.

‘Education authorities must have arrangements in place to identify from among those children and young people for whose school education they are responsible, those children and young people with additional support needs who require a co-ordinated support plan and the particular additional support needs of the children so identified.’

When considering whether a CSP may be required, or in preparing such a plan, education authorities must seek and take account of relevant advice and information (including assessments) from appropriate agencies and other persons whom they think appropriate. The CSP should remain adequate and should be monitored and reviewed regularly, at least every 12 months.

A parent has the right to request a CSP and this request may be directed through the child’s school or directly to the education authority.

A CSP contains information on the educational objectives for the child or young person; the additional support needed and who will provide the support.

Getting it right for every child and the co-ordinated support plan

 In the Getting it right for every child approach, any child or young person who requires additional help should have a plan to address his/her needs and improve his/her wellbeing. When two or more agencies are involved there will be a multi-agency "child's plan" co-ordinated by a lead professional . The CSP needs to be included along with the child's plan (or be readily extractable from the child's plan) as a stand alone document.

There are significant similarities between the contents of the child's plan and the CSP. However, one important difference is that the CSP is concerned with the additional support a child or young person requires in order to benefit from education. The child's plan, however, potentially covers a wider range of issues related to promoting a child's or young person's wellbeing and it will, therefore, refer to matters not contained in the co-ordinated support plan such as, for example, issues relating to compulsory care measures or child protection. However, it is important that the process of developing the CSP is integrated fully with the planning and review of the child's plan so that, for example, the annual review of the co-ordinated support plan dovetails with the review of the child's plan and so that assessment is carried out in a holistic way as illustrated by the My World Triangle.

Further information about Coordinated Support Plans:   Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (Revised edition)

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